Blackberry Z10 Device Mockup (PSD)

The design and development communities are amazing. Most of the time when I’m looking for a resource or an answer, I can find it with a simple search on one of the many community-oriented sites that I frequent. Often, a quick trip to Google is all that’s needed. It’s a nice luxury to have, but we can’t always be reliant on the community. Sometimes the answers haven’t been found or resources just aren’t available.

Truly being a part of the community means returning the favor and contributing your own time and resources to help others. Here at Solve we are dedicating ourselves to become more active in the community and to share whenever we can. From simple snippets of code to carefully crafted design resources, we will share it if we feel it can be helpful to someone else.

This is the first of many digital freebies that we plan to release. Stay tuned for future releases and contact us at if there’s anything you’d like to see in the future.

This first freebie is a digital recreation of a Blackberry Z10. To give you a little backstory, a while back I designed an app that was selected to be released along side the Blackberry Z10. Prior to the device launch, I searched high and low for a Blackberry Z10 PSD template to use for a promotional piece, but luck would have it that no such a file existed. The low-res graphics that I was able to find were not going to suffice, so I set out to create a fully vector template that I could use for this graphic and any future shots I would need. The result is a PSD that is fully scalable – completely made of only shape layers.

This file is available for use in your personal or commercial projects and no attribution is required. If you know of anyone else who may find our resources useful, please send them our way!

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